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Legal Support
  • Aviation legislation.

  • International regulation.

  • Audits (pre-IOSA, pre-EASA, pre-FAA).

  • Management and Organisational Support.

  • Administrative Service Support.

  • Quality and Compliance Support.

  • Management, Support and Training in safety and aeronautical emergency procedures.

  • Quality and integral safety assistance for Operators.

  • Technical and Commercial support.

  • Aircraft appraisal.

  • Maintenance management, logistics and quality control.

  • Maintenance Support - Management (MRO and Line Maintenance) EASA-145. 

  • Scheduled and unscheduled aircraft inspections.

  • Company representation during maintenance at the MRO. 

  • Preparation of the MOE (Maintenance Organisation Exposition). Includes               management, monitoring and follow-up.

  • Assignment of support staff during audits.

  • Obtaining maintenance certifications, inspections and audits.

  • Management of specialised personnel, maintenance equipment and hangars.  Materials management and logistics / Structure and organisation / Cost                  (benchmarking) with international industry / Inventories and their control process / Operating procedures / Technical procedures / Production planning and control unit / Foreign trade (customs) / Purchasing and repairs / Tooling material, consumables and components.

  • Full assistance in aircraft delivery and redelivery.

  • Establishment of new airlines (Operating Licence and AOC).

  • Operational Support (H-24).

  • Search for the appropriate aircraft type for the operation and design of the fleet.

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts for the lease, purchase and sale of aircraft.

  • Advice / Consultancy on supplies for the new aircraft.

  • Negotiation and contracting of service providers.

  • Management for obtaining ATOs and negotiation with training organisations for crew training.

  • Support in the purchase and sale of simulators and in their assembly/disassembly and transport.

  • Study of the Strategic Plan.

  • Commercial Strategy - Marketing, alliances and agreements with other companies.

  • Financing - Active participation in the search for investors.

  • Advice on the recruitment of management staff, flight and cabin crews, maintenance personnel, administrative personnel.

  • Aircraft registration and de-registration.

  • Assistance on ferry and test flights.

  • Assessment of performance against industry standards.

  • Identification of opportunities for continuous improvement and implementation of the improvement process.

  • Implementation of the operational safety management system (SMS/SeMS).

Private Aviation
  • Support and advice on the purchase, sale and leasing of private aircraft.

  • Business plan study and route planning.

  • Administrative support with the pertinent civil aviation authorities.

  • Recruitment of flight and cabin crew.

  • Contracting of service providers (handling, catering, fuel, maintenance, IT, transport, flight dispatch, etc.).

  • Procurement of exclusive services.

  • Creation of international networks.

  • Airport tendering.

  • Regulatory advice. 

  • Business planning and financial modelling. 

  • Air traffic study.

  • Definition of tariff schemes. 

  • Advice/search for emergency vehicles according to national and international regulations.

  • Search for the purchase of ground support equipment (GSE).

  • Airport service design. 

  • Experience in advising to lead investment companies. Investment                                due diligence / Opportunity assessment / Support and advice on international tenders.

  • Non-aeronautical business development.

Baggage Incidents
  • Call centre.

  • Baggage tracking and tracing.

  • Luggage repair and replacement.

  • Baggage distribution.

  • Compensation management.

  • Baggage incident statistics.

  • Contracting of handling companies.

  • Search of ground support equipment (GSE) to improve the service.

  • Training in safety and prevention.

  • Training in cargo and baggage handling.

  • Training in the handling and management of dangerous goods.

  • Training for flight dispatchers, coordinators and passenger assistance staff.

  • Supervision and support in ground operations.
  • Support and management in the contracting of ground operations services.

  • Support and guidance for start-ups.

  • Planning, study and improvement of the turnaround times and reduction of operational costs.

  • Monitoring and resolution of day-to-day operational issues.

  • Evaluation and recruitment of ground operations staff.

  • Training in Mass & Balance (Loadsheet).

Development of Operational Manuals
  • Quality and Compliance Manuals.

  • Flight Operations Manual.

  • Ground Operations Manual. (GOM)

  • Emergency Response Plan Manual (ERP).

  • Security Program Manual (AVSEC).

  • Safety Management System Manual (SMS).

  • Security Manual (SeMS).

  • Maintenance Manual.

  • Maintenance Programme.

  • Training Manual.

  • Cargo Control Manual - AHM.

  • Cargo Manual.

  • Dangerous Goods Management procedures Manual (DDGG).

  • De-icing / Anti-icing Manual. 

  • Passenger Cabin Manual.

  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

  • Manuals in multiple languages.

  • Translation of Manuals.

  • Advice on the purchase, sale and rental of helicopters.

  • Search of helicopters for different types of operations.

  • Documental and technical consultancy services.


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